Controlled Airspace

Airport Controlled Airspace

     Controlled airspace is airspace where air traffic controllers (ATC) are actively managing the movement of aircraft. This means that there is a greater risk of collision between drones and other aircraft. By requiring drone pilots to have a Part 107 License, the FAA helps to ensure that drone operators are aware of the risks and are able to fly safely in controlled airspace.


     Licensed pilots who want to fly in controlled airspace must obtain an airspace authorization from the FAA. Authorization specifies the airspace, altitude and operating restrictions for flight operations of the drone and pilot in command.  Authorization is designed to ensure that drone operations in controlled airspace are safe and do not interfere with other aircraft.


     Licensed Pilots are able to read aeronautical charts, essential for commercial drone pilots to safely and legally pilot their aircraft. They provide information about airspace, airports, terrain, and other hazards that could impact a drone flight. Flying without authorization is illegal.