Professional UAS Equipment

State of the Art UAS Equipment

     If you have ever heard that you get what you pay for, nothing could be more true when it comes to professional Aerial Photography.


     The fleet of DJI professional equipment that we use is powerful, portable and designed to provide professional, optimal, high quality - stunning images along with intelligent flight features.



  • 20MP to 48MP camera phototography
  • 4K/60fps to 5.4K/30fps video.
  • 8K Hyperlapse allowing for stunning time-lapse videos with smooth cinematic movement.
  • It allows for tracking moving subjects with ease
  • POI (Point of Interest) mode, allowing for circular or spiral movements around a subject
  • Obstacle avoidance system for added safety.


Great for:

  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial videography
  • Vlogging
  • Travel photography
  • Real estate photography
  • Inspections
  • Search and rescue