Why is Weather Important?

Weather Forecasting is Essential for Flight Planning Resulting in the Finest Outcomes

Only FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots can:


Read and Understand METAR and TAF Weather Information


When it comes to piloting an aircraft it is essential understand the Weather you will be flying in.


Beyond the restrictions the FAA imposes on Pilots, weather can seriously impact the performance of UAS's (drones).  A lot depends on the temperature, humidity, and density of the air you plan to fly through.


Clouds are something no drone pilot will ever want to fly into.  The FAA has strict restrictions when it comes to flying anywhere near them.  A licensed pilot will not be tempted to fly in an unsafe manner.


There is a network of weather reporting stations that are used by aircraft throughout the world.  Licensed Pilots are trained and test in how to read and understand what is going on with regard to the area they plan to fly in.


Recreational fliers, look up and go.  THAT is not the way to fly - you wouldn't want the Pilot of your plane on vacation to be so cavalier!