Why Being Licensed

Is Important

What's the difference?

     The Part 107 UAS License from the FAA is required for anyone who wants to fly a drone for any sort of business reason or to post footage online.  Penalties for operating without a license can be steep to include fines and jail time.


     If you are a recreational flyer - Make sure your drone is registered with the FAA if required and don't ignore the rules regarding Remote ID.


  • Licensed Pilot vs Recreational Flier - Licensed pilots are the ONLY pilots that can make money flying for business or profit.  The FAA requirs pilots to pass a knowledge test and a practical exam in order to obtain their license. 


  • Controlled Airspace - Airspace monitored and controlled by air traffic control require certain rules and regulations that drone pilots must follow when flying in controlled airspace.  Licensed pilots can gain authorization to fly in Controlled Space.


  • Weather Weather is an ever changing variable that impacts flight.  Licensed Pilots know how to evaluate forecast probability charts and airport METAR and TAF reports.  


  • Changing FAA Regulations - September 16th, 2023 was an impactful day in terms of regulations affecting all pilots - Licensed and Recreational.  Remote ID is a law that will be enforced in 2024.


  • Airport Operations - UAS Pilots are required to understand how airports operate and how airplane pilots will handle landing and takeoff.  Safety is alway the most important aspect of all flight.  No different when the pilot is remote and on the ground.


  • Professional Equipment - The equipment you use will make all the difference in terms of photography and videography.  I use state of the art DJI equipment.


  • Experience and Professionalism - I bring over 26 years of advertising sales and management experience to every project.  I know what will sell and what won't.